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Adding BSC Test tokens to MetaMask

How to see your BSC Test tokens in MetaMask wallet

Adding tokens created on the Binance Smart Chain Network

To add your BSC (Binance Smart Chain) tokens in MetaMask:

  • On the tokenMaker dashboard, find your token name.

  • In the
    column, click the box that looks similar to this:

  • The token contract address will be copied to your clipboard.

  • Load MetaMask.

  • Locate and click

  • Click
    menu option.

  • Click
    Add Network

  • In
    Network Name
    enter: Binance Test.

  • In
    New RPC URL

  • In
    Chain ID
    enter: 97.

  • In
    Currency Symbol
    enter: BNB.

  • In
    Block Explorer URL

  • Make sure you have selected the right network -
    Binance Test

  • Click
    Add Token
    at the bottom of the MetaMask panel.

  • Click the
    Custom Token

  • In the field labelled
    Token Contract Address
    , paste your token contract address.

  • Click
    . Your tokens will appear.

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