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ERC20 (fungible) tokens
Rinkeby test Ethereum network
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ERC20 (fungible) tokens
MainNet live Ethereum network
Mint one NFT token
Rinkeby test Ethereum network
Free forever
no credits required
Mint one NFT token
MainNet live Ethereum network
Mint your ERC20 token

Mint your own ERC20 token

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Create your ERC20 token

how do I pick a token name?
You can choose any name you like! It will appear in Etherscan and is added to the token smart contract. Pick something memorable that accurately describes your brand or usage.

what's the symbol for?
Crypto-tokens are represented by a token symbol, which is usually 3 characters. This symbol will appear next to your token in Metamask and other wallets. For example, bitcoin uses BTC and Ethereum uses ETH. Pick something memorable that describes your token.

what does total supply mean?
When you create your tokens, you set a limit on the total number that can exist - this limit is known as a hard cap. Your total supply can be anything from 1 token up to 100 billion tokens.

what are decimal places for?
Just like dollars or euros, ERC20 tokens can be split into smaller units. A dollar can be divided into 100 cents, so it has 2 decimal places.

Your tokens can have up to 18 decimal places (which most tokens have). You can even choose to have 0 decimals, which means your tokens can’t be split! For most cases though, we recommend you use the default 18 decimals.

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David Stanton, Founder/CEO (Zero carbon Solar mining)

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BLANK, Visual artist,
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Erick Sabelskjold
VinxCoin, VIneyard Backed Assets

No code required

Mint your own ERC20 tokens with us and we take care of all the code automatically. It takes minutes to set up and you can try it for free, right now.

How do I receive my tokens?

Just tell us your Ethereum wallet address and we'll transfer them to you as soon as they are ready - which usually takes about a minute. If you don’t have a wallet address, you can get one for free (we recommend MetaMask).

How do I get help?

Email us at or message us on Telegram to get answers to your questions. Our support team will be happy to help you with any questions you might have.

Smart contracts without the hassle

We create ERC20 crypto tokens to your specification. Choose your token symbol and quantity, and we'll do the rest.

How long does it take?

Usually a few minutes. Choose your token parameters, deploy the contract, mint the tokens and transfer them to your private wallet, with a few clicks, from our self-serve dashboard.

Can I use any wallet?

Yes - as long as it supports the ERC20 token standard. MetaMask, Trust Wallet and plenty of others will work perfectly. ERC20 is the most commonly used token standard in use today.

Can I sell my tokens?

Yes. After minting, your tokens will be immediately available to you and can be offered for sale on most decentralised exchanges immediately.

about our ERC20 tokens

We use industry standard open-source smart contracts from OpenZeppelin which have been tested for reliability and security.

All ERC20 tokens minted with are hard capped. That means a fixed, known limit is applied to the total supply of each type of token and enforced in the contract. When you create tokens with, the total number of tokens that will exist is chosen by you and can never be exceeded. You control exactly how many of your tokens exist.
We mint the entire allocation in a single transaction, and transfer them to you when you're ready to receive them. You'll need to provide a wallet address for us to send them to.

After you have taken ownership you can distribute them, safe in the knowledge that you are the only source of your tokens - even TokenMaker can’t create more of your specific token, since the hard cap is enforced in the contract.

Mint your token on Ethereum

Ready to make something awesome? Try it for free.

We create ERC20 crypto tokens to your specification. You can try it for free on the Ethereum Rinkeby network and take ownership into your crypto wallet. Once you're ready to go live, we can deploy your tokens to the live network for a small fee.