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Verifying at Ethercan

How to verify your ERC20 token contract at Etherscan

Why verify your token?

After minting a token and transferring it to your personal wallet, a common next step is to verify the token at Etherscan. Verifying your token has some advantages:

First, it shows potential users of your token what your token contract actually does (and in the case of TokenMaker contracts, it shows that they are OpenZeppelin ERC20 contracts).

Second, it allows you to perform another important step, which is to allow you to prove ownership of your token at Etherscan.

The good news - it's a free service

Every token that is minted on TokenMaker will be verified on your behalf upon request. Just email us at and we'll upload the source to Etherscan for you. Verification usually takes a few minutes to complete, and we'll send you a link to Etherscan so you can see your verified contract for yourself. Verified contracts have a green checkmark next to the Contract tab on Etherscan, so it's easy to see when it's complete.

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