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Creating tokens

Make your own crypto assets on TokenMaker - here's how

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Create fungible crypto tokens

You can create up to 100 billion tokens of a single type in one go by registering for a free account and following the on-screen prompts on the screen in the
Create a new ERC20 token

You need to specify a token name, token symbol, total supply, decimal places and Network.

Choosing a Token Name

You can choose any name you like. It will appear in Etherscan and is added to the token smart contract. Pick something memorable that accurately describes your brand or usage.

Note that token names are not unique - you are allowed to create a token called 'Ethereum' if you want, but it's important to note that you are not creating Ethereum, just a new token with the same name.

In fact, the only way to accurately identify a token is by its contract address. When you create your token, the contract address will show up next to the token name on the dashboard.

Choosing a Token Symbol

Crypto-tokens are represented by a token symbol, which is usually 3 characters. This symbol will appear next to your token in Metamask and other wallets. For example, bitcoin uses BTC and Ethereum uses ETH. Pick something memorable that describes your token.

Just like token names, the symbol is not unique. It's quite possible for more than one type of token to have the same symbol, so always check the contract address of any token you are interested in.

Setting the Total Supply

TokenMaker tokens are hard capped - you choose how many you want when you create them, and that number can never be exceeded. If you set this number to 1 million, that many tokens will be crated when you mint the token and transferred to you. However, once you set this number, you can never create any more tokens of this type, so it's really important to think carefully before choosing the total supply.

Setting the Decimal Places

Just like dollars or euros, ERC20 tokens can be split into smaller units. A dollar can be divided into 100 cents, so it has 2 decimal places.

Your tokens can have up to 18 decimal places (which most tokens have). You can even choose to have 0 decimals, which means your tokens can’t be split! For most cases though, we recommend you use the default 18 decimals.

Choosing a Network

If you want to make an ERC20 token for testing purposes, use
. You can still transfer your test tokens to an external wallet and send them to other people, but you won't be able to offer them for sale on public exchanges or use them in live situations.

When you are comfortable with minting tokens, use
Live (MainNet)
to create your live tokens. This option is only available if you have sufficient credits in your account.

You'll need to credit your account by adding some ethereum to mint live tokens. Just follow the prompts on the Buy Credit page.

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